Packing & Unpacking

These are the most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks! We provide the correct packing materials and white glove packing techniques to protect your belongings during transit. We ensure everything is unpacked, boxes broken down, and packing materials are disposed.

Concierge Move Management

Our move management service takes the stress out of relocating by providing an outline for all aspects of a move. We create a customized plan tailored to your specific needs, coordinate with all parties involved (movers, A/V technicians, electricians, etc) and oversee the process.


Remove the first layer immediately. Let’s make decisions on how best to edit, organize, donate, consign, recycle, and trash. We’ll set up consignment accounts, inventory your items, and follow through by transporting to charities, consignment shops, and trash removal.

Simplifying & Organizing

Declutter and simplify your home. Know where things are! Don’t keep buying things you already own but just can’t find. Create an efficient space that is more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Real Estate

Working with realtors everyday, we know what needs to happen in your home to make it market ready: downsize, declutter, depersonalize, stage, or leave vacant.

Holiday Prep

Personal shopping, wrapping, decorating, after holiday take down.


Steps for a Seamless Move


Meet with Amanda and Beth.

Let’s talk about what makes you comfortable in your home and discuss your priorities.

Downsize, Distribute & Design

  1. Determine what stays in your home and what goes away
  2. Decide what to donate, consign, recycle, and toss
  3. Create a space plan utilizing your favorite treasures or selecting new ones

Prepare for move day

  1. Hire movers & set move date
  2. Deliver packing supplies
  3. Organize & pack boxes
  4. Manage final clean out (trash removal and housekeeping)

It’s Move Day

  1. Direct furniture placement with movers
  2. Unpack new home
  3. Organize

Welcome Home

We take care of the finishing touches including details like hanging pictures and fluffing pillows. When we leave, be ready to enjoy your new home that’s now Done & Done!

Book a consultation

Let’s sit down and discuss your move. We offer complimentary 1-hour consultations in your home.

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