Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we hear the most about our move management services.

The basics

What should I expect during the move management process?

During the move management process, we work with you to develop a moving plan and timeline. We help you declutter and downsize, pack your belongings, and coordinate with movers to ensure a smooth transition. We assist with setting up your new home, unpacking, arranging furniture, making beds, organizing closets and kitchens, and hanging pictures.

How long will the whole process take from packing, moving, and unpacking? 

Moving is NOT one size fits all. On average, most moves can be completed in 3-5 days. Some have additional peculiarities–audio/visual needs, light fixture, pianos, safes, pool tables, wine refrigerations , etc. Should your move require additional specialty items it could add a day or two to the process. 

Do you prefer we use a particular moving company?

We have preferred movers and vendors, however, we are always interested in making new connections. If you have worked with someone you highly recommend, we are happy to build new relationships.   

How much do your services cost?

Our one-hour consultations are complimentary. Should you engage our services, your project will be billed hourly. Once we meet with you and get a feel for the scope of work, we will provide an estimate of how many hours it will take to complete your project.

Do you work on weekends?

If available, we do work weekends. Our hourly rate time and a half of our standard rate. 

the nitty-gritty

Do I need to be here?

If there has been a significant amount of trust and clear communication, it is not necessary for you to be present during the “work” of your project.

Can you help get my home ready to sell? 

We work with many successful realtors. We will facilitate suggestions from the realtor which may include depersonalizing, packing, decluttering, rearranging furniture, and accessorizing with your personal items.

How do you know where to put everything when unpacking?

We can discuss where you prefer things located or we can place items where it would be intuitive for you to find. Our goal is to create aesthetically pleasing and functional systems.

Our process involves a high level of trust with also the acceptance of “things can always change.” If something is not where it makes sense to you, it is easy for us to modify.

Can you help with pianos, chandeliers, TVs, computers, etc . . .

We have an extensive network of 3rd party vendors we trust and work with often. We can coordinate these specialty items and many others not listed here. Please let us know if you require additional help.

Do you work alongside interior designers?

Designers love it when their clients engage our services. It frees the designer to make big creative decisions involving furniture and fabrics while we get the “manual labor” of errand running, packing, unpacking, and trash out of the way for them.

Do you facilitate estate sales?

We do not, but can arrange for a local company to conduct one for you.

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